Drustvo za razvijanje prostovoljnega dela Novo mesto DRPDNM (Association for Developing Voluntary Work)

DRPDNM is a non-governmental and humanitarian organisation working in a public interest in the fields of social protection, youth and culture. It has been established in 1993 and since then it focuses on its vision to contribute to more inclusive society for all by integrating socially excluded groups, which includes social care service with a goal to establish conditions for more equal inclusion of alienated groups into society. We are also focusing on promotion of active citizenship and participation in order to provide opportunities for development of citizen‘s cultural, human and social capital (particularly among youth), also building intercultural dialogue for proper management of cultural diversity, which contributes to cohesive society, and international cooperation by implementation of projects funded by local, national and EU programs and funds (ESF, EACEA, EIDHR, EYF, E+, CEI, IPA, BIFC, EuropeAid, INTERREG CENTRA, INTERREG MED, ALPINE SPACE, DANUBE, JUST, H2020, DAPHNE III, COSME…). DRPDNM is also working for encouraging the development of NGO sector and civil dialogue in order to strengthen NGO‘s capacity for active contribution to local development; to improve the stakeholders‘ understanding of NGO contribution. The results of our work are visible learning and social progress of children and youth in schools (better grades, self-esteem), independence of adults, increase of their employments (Roma police-woman), self-organization of minorities in NGO‘s, diversity is agenda in media and public debate, an increase of NGOs participation in local development.

For the purpose of prevention and straight of psychosocial benefits for children with troubles in the period of growing up. We train them to find independent solutions, empowerment, prevent social exclusion and raise quality of life. We practice this by having established a day center for children where our social workers give them knowledge, skills, and competences, especially intercultural and social competences as part of personal development, to encourage and empower them, to nurish cultural identity. We are doing this by including them in activities, where they get positive experiences, positive self-esteem and new strategies of behavior. Goals of day center are working in a way to increase self-control, psycho resistance, decrease individual and social vulnerability, increase life-balance. Working for better (social integration) inclusion of children in schools, progress at their grades, success at school, better self-image, self-esteem. We are including children in our activities, programmes (in our facilities) in order to to give them skills, help for school tasks, teach them Slovenian language, to spend effectively their free time with different activities, which mainly include different sports. We help them in building relationship with the social environment by social inclusion, development of social capital, cooperation, maintenance and extension of the social network, structural and functional reorganization of social network and design new social network.

By doing all described we build strong connection with the community, being flexible and innovative (open to new approaches, methods and contents based on current needs of target groups and ensuring their active participation), practicing ‘here and now’ approach, ‘nothing about us without us’, establishing personal contact, preserving cultural identity and respecting cultural diversity, raising awareness of equality, acceptance and tolerance (mostly through sport activities), but also making foreigners (migrants) feel as being home. We are cooperating with other local and national association for providing better opportunities for all.

Our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DRPDNMinternational/