Multiplier Event – Presetation of IO3

Between the 12th and the 20th of December 2022 the partners of the project organised i their county a Multiplier Event during which they presented the results of their work. In particular they talked about the guidelines they produced on the professional profile of the Street Sport Educator and the way to promote it and evolve it into practice. The genral idea was to create a product that can be used both in the sport and educational environment to involve youngsters, in particular those coming from disadvantaged backgrounds, in an inclusion process using sport as a tool, to improve their skills and their knowledge. During the multiplier event the interest for this new figure was increased both in the Third Sector and in the Sport World. They proposed to try to create a strong and consolidated network so that this kind of work can be improved and the Street Sport Educator can become a structured professional figure and an opportunity for the new generations of workers. Considering all the events we had more than 200 participants.

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Event 2 – Presentation of the IO2 – Novo Mesto

On the 17th of June 2022 our Slovenian Partner DRPDNM organised the 2nd Event of the project both in prsence and online during which they did a presentation of the work done for the IO2 and the creation of a model of training course for the trainers and of an educationa path for the youngsters to arrive at the concept of “Street Sport Educator”. At the event participated the Secretary of International Affaires and Sport Infrastructure of the Sport Union of Slovenia, the Representative of the Sport Department of the Municipality of Novo Mesto, some of the partners and some local stakeholders.

The IO2 was elaborated by EFA. They collected informations and details about competencies. They created questionnaires and template on 2 figures: the street educator and the sport instructor. After collecting data on both this roles, the partnership defined what were the ones in common, to define the innovative figure of the “Street Sport Educator”. After a testing phase, EFA created a training model with entering and outcoming competencies for this kind of professional figure. With the testing phase we trained some street sport educators that worked with some groups of youngsters.

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Event 1 – Street track and field as a tool for young people inclusion – Conference

On the 20th of March 2021 in Genoa the Partnership presented the first milestone of the project: the Research “IO1 – Study about street track and field as a tool for social inclusion”.

The Study was elaborated by our Polish Partner “Collegium Baltikum”, a private universitiy in Szczecin (PL), with the contribution of all the other partners that collected datas and surveys in their territories contacting Associations and Experts that work in street education and sport. The main result of the study was the concept that sport seems to be one of the best tools to achieve social inclusion of young people coming from disadvantaged backgrounds.

At the meeting took part more 30 persons both online and in presence. They were from different Associations that work with disadvataged young people or in social environment as well as sport associations and the President of the Ligurian Athletic Federation, Carlo Rosiello, the President of the Ligurian Olympic Commitee, Antonio Micillo, and a member of the Italial Atheltic Federation, Oscar Campari and last but not least were also present our partners in this project.

The main achievements of the Event were: one transnational about insert the final results of the project in the program of the Study Centre of the Italian Athletic Federation, and two local about a possible collaboration with the Ligurian Olympic Commitee on this topics and a first contact with local Associations that work with disadvantaged communities. All the presentation both the Study and the informations on our partners will be attached below. The study is reacheable in the IO1 session (under activities) of this website and it will be avaiable in all the languages of the partnership (italian, greek, polish, spanish, slovenian, romanian and turkish).

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Genoa Kickoff Meeting

Il Secolo XIX – Genoa main newspaper
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