Collegium Balticum

SZCZECIŃSKA SZKOŁA WYŻSZA COLLEGIUM BALTICUM founded in 2000 is continuously ranked as one of the best private universities in northern Poland. It is characterized by great human capital and huge development potential. School authorities have managed to build an institution that gives its students a solid education and thus a great start to their professional life. It is desired to provide young adults with knowledge comprising many fields so that they can receive an interdisciplinary education providing them with a better chance on the difficult labor market both in Poland and internationally. Current educational offer includes following faculties: educational science, studies, national security, IT at BA, MA levels as well as post-graduate studies in teaching methodology, business, management, diet. A significant part of research work is the dissemination of the institution’s output and the exchange of experiences through conferences and seminars.

Institution’s mission is to provide excellence in education as well as attractiveness and marketability of proposed programs. Educational offer is constantly adjust to requirements of the market. It ensures the development of the intellectual potential of students and shapes their interpersonal, leadership, teamwork, and problem solving skills. It develops discipline, creative thinking, effectiveness, flexibility and entrepreneurship. We create on our university Cooperation with Business Center because we believe that only cooperation science with business is the most effective.

Collegium Balticum is situated in western Poland, in city of Szczecin that presently displays a growth potential and splendid prospects of becoming attractive to various investors, although the employment rate is 7,6% in the city and 13,1% in whole Westpomeranian region. Moreover, Szczecin is an important research center that enjoy good reputation in the world. Its immense scientific potential exerts direct influence on science development in the country.

Collegium Balticum plays an important role on local educational market in terms of additional thematic courses for disadvantaged groups i.e people from socially and economically disadvantaged areas, unqualified adults and others.

Institution has around 30 students with different impairment.

Collegium Balticum intention is also to cooperate with local authorities in order to provide thematic workshops and seminars and to attract target groups.”.

When it comes to project management, administration and dissemination Collegium Balticum has a great experience in European educational projects.