TM2 – Transnational Meeting in Poland

At the beginning of September Collegium Balticum (PL) organized in Szczecin an hybrid meeting – the partner able to travel were phisically present and those ones who had to follow their countries restriction due to COVID-19 were connected online. All of the partners were able to participate to the Meeting.

During the meeting we discussed the situation of each country in this pandemic emergency to have a general idea on how we can move forward with the next steps of our project. Then we discussed the ending parts of the WP2 and how we can start and put together the first steps of the WP3. We also talked about the Event 1 that should take place in Genoa and on how we can do it properly considering the Covid-19 Emergency. We found some good points and solutions on how to procede in the next months. Those of us that were in presence had the opportunity to visit a little bit the place were Collugium Balticum works.

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