Motivational Videos

Why a motivational video? We want to involve testimonials to increase participation and consciousness of young people about sport as instrument for life.  During these two years of work, we observed that youngsters often follow their friends or influent personalities (testimonials) in the choices of their activities. This is no new, but it is an important factor to bring new young people closer to sports. At the very beginning we imagine involving only very famous sport testimonials, but during the project lifetime we understood that the local opinion leaders could play a more important role, to involve other young people to play sports and to leave the sport group as a community, where develop skills and relationships. It becomes a nice example of peer-to-peer education. So, we realized 15 videos in all the countries, involving famous sport testimonials and much more local opinion leaders, we realized a plate with Q-code and we put the plate in the main sport stadium where the different associations make their daily activity.

ITALY – Silvia Salis

ITALY – Mattia

ITALY – Francesco and Francesco

ITALY – Ilaria


POLAND – Michal





SPAIN – Mustafa

SPAIN – Eduard

TURKEY – Muammer Şahin


TURKEY – Akin Abdo

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